Complications of Pubic Lice: Find Out if You are at Risk

While pubic lice are more of an irritating nuisance than a serious health risk, complications can sometimes arise. These complications are usually not severe but are worth being aware of so that further treatment can begin before conditions worsen.

The bites of pubic lice can occasionally cause light blue spots to develop on the skin. These spots are essentially tiny bruises along with irritation from an allergic reaction to the lice saliva.

Secondary infections can result in areas where excessive scratching has taken place. This scratching can cause sores and open wounds that can become infected if not cleaned and treated properly. Lice bites themselves are rarely at risk for infection even though they do cause irritation and itching.

If pubic lice travel and spread to the eyelashes several eye complications can occur. The most common complication is pink eye or Conjunctivitis where a layer of the eye has become inflamed. Swelling of the eyelid and corneal inflammation is also possible but is significantly less common.

It is important to treat pubic lice quickly in order to avoid the above complications. Lice medications, such as R&C®, are a great and effective way to combat lice and stop infestations from spreading to others. Pubic lice may seem scary but the condition is entirely treatable thanks to specially formulated medications and tools.

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Simple Tips for Prevention

  • Teach Good Habits. Personal belongings such as brushes, hats, and towels can pass lice. So don't share.
  • Be Aware of Shared Spaces. Keep personal items (hats, coats, etc) out of common areas.  
  • Avoid Outbreaks. If you know of an outbreak, avoid locations where head-to-head contact would occur like sporting activities.